Jimmy Gait trended yesterday after he said on live TV that Kenyan girls working in the Middle East suffer because of indiscipline.

He mentioned that one of the indiscipline cases is the girls being too desperate to a point they sleep with their boss's husbands.

Read the story below:

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Mr. Gait said he is not going to apologize to anyone about what he said, adding that there are thousands of Kenyans who have successfully been working in the Middle East for years.

''Blogs are just picked one thing from what I said. I made it very clear that one of the reasons they end up being mistreated is that there are ladies who go and start sleeping with people's husbands and they end up being caught. In turn, they get the consequences for that. It is a fact and I will not apologize for that.''

He added that some run away from their employers looking for greener pastures.


''We blame the Arabs so much although not all of them are good.

Even here we have unkind homes. You can find a home like that but your agency should follow up for you to get transferred elsewhere.''

His closing remark to Kenyans was simply that Kenyans should go back  and listen to the whole interview instead of blaming the Arabs.