Nameless and his wife Wahu Kagwi have launched a clothing line, N- Zone that will be more of bomber jackets, track jackets and hoodies.

Nameless explained that the new venture will allow sharing his other passions in fashion design, psychology and philosophy.

 "I have always wanted to venture into something creative to inspire people. I was still trying to resolve the why and the philosophies behind the N-Zone.


Accepting some limits and identifying the goals and consistency in working on them so that you improve yourself over time. It is a very pragmatic way of looking at life.

It is a space that I would want to be talking about life psychology and philosophy."

The Mega Rider hitmaker said he will be introducing philosophies, values and missions through N-Zone.

"Something that can impact people in terms of self-awareness, compassion from people, different perspectives, opinions without judging others but instead learning from it," he said.

"I am learning a lot and my bottom line is trying to create things for people. My career as architecture, music and now this about fashion, I want to create fashion for people."

I know now you all want to run and grab a jacket but relax, Nameless said they are not yet available for sale but will be introduced to the market soon.