Ex Machachari actor Govi who's real name is Malik says working with his mum as his manager what we call, Momager has kept him grounded.

No one really wants to mess with their mother in any way so he has to plus, with all our mothers do for us, the least we can do is be our best and do our best to make them proud.

Speaking during an interview with Presenter Ali, the actor shared,

"Working with my mum has been a good thing, If it were not for her maybe pride would have gotten into my head.

She advises me on what to do and what not to do. Sometimes I get jobs that I might have taken just because I love acting.

But she insists if they are not paying me a certain amount I should not take it as it will lower my value."

He is currently involved in a new project and hopes people can realize he is much more talented than they think.

"It's not been easy getting off the character Govi as I started in 2008-2019.

In 2008 I was still young and it became hard to differentiate between Govi and Malik, It gave me trouble trying to trace myself.

I am trying to do different things so people can know me as Malik. Playing Govi was easy because I had lived that life.

Govi shaped me and am forever grateful for that."

He ended the interview making it clear that he has never been raised with a silver spoon so for him, it is all about the hustle and for that, we applaud him.