Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye star Angel is back again with another revelation.

Last time she told us that her father handles her social media pages and that is who has been posting as she is with other housemates.

Then she talked about the way she dealt with depression after ending things with her boyfriend. Read the full story below:

In the episode that aired on Thursday, during a team presentation of an artwork that depicts being 'unbeatable', she revealed that her mother tried to abort her as an unborn child.

Speaking from a personal view, Angel shared the hustles her mother had to go through as a result of teenage pregnancy.

“As some people know, my mum had me when she was pretty young when she was 16 years old and about to go into college. When she got pregnant for me, she thought she could handle it. I mean, it’s just a baby right? She was happy. Thus the yellow here at the beginning of the artwork. Angel continued. She was happy to have me regardless of her age.


She tells my granny, ‘oh mummy I’m pregnant' but my granny goes ‘what will people say? You’re a woman, a young woman. You should be in college. You should be entering university like your mate, why would you want to keep a baby?’ So my granny tells her, ‘you’re going to get an abortion.’ That’s what she said. My mum decided to go for the abortion but unfortunately, I remained.

So now she’s thinking about the different things that are going to happen. During that process, there was a lot of slut-shaming. ‘You’re 16 years and you’re pregnant’, which is what most women go through. There were a lot of hurdles that she had to face.” Angel shared

At this point in her narration, her teammate Saga, was already in tears and her fellow housemates were so emotional to a point some went to give her a hug.

She ended her presentation by stating that her mother pushed through hurdles and her being in BBNaija at 21 years is a sign that her mother did something right.