Every time you see Akothee post something long, just be ready with a pen and paper, it is lesson time.

This time she took to social media with hard truths on being a celebrity, and a famous queen. It comes with a lot.



💪1. No one wants you they want to associate with whom you are today ( the spirit of association)

2. No one is jealous of you, you remind them of whom they would like to become, but they are impatient, and with zero knowledge of what it takes to be you 💪) JOKA ( hop skip & jump )

3.INSULTS👉 No one is insulting you they are pouring out their frustrations, ( since they can't tell themselves🤭 , you become their mirror ( keep doing you, if they were better they would do them )


4. PAST 👉They stick to your past, they turn the stories of your past into insults because it's their current situation 🤭🤣🤣They can't imagine how you embraced your past & built a feature they admire 🤣🤣. It's not your past that is a problem, it's their presence that is killing them, so for them to feel better, they try to relate with your past because that's where they are now."

Adding that,

"5. Age 👉 should not worry you, whether you like it or not, you will never be 20 forever, feels good being young, but feels better being older & Successful. You will get it easier in life 💪 just being young isn't Successful, now leave the internet go look for a job, gain experience in life, come back and respect people's lives .some people are browsing from their parent's homes, they don't even know the price of Token IGNORE these ONES

6. WEALTH:👉 Every wealthy person is not an easy person to deal with, I have never met a wealthy person with an easy past. If you are truly wealthy, enjoy your wealth with no apologies 💪, you have only one life, live it

7 FANS 👉are not your friends, don't be carried away, when you trend positively they are with you when you trend negatively you stop being their role model, they get disappointed, they even want to break you more as much as they can, what does this teach you? However there are some fans, who love you for you, love them arms-length ( ALL THE FANS I BROUGHT INTO MY LIFE, THE ONES WHO PLAYED LIKE THEY BREATH MY AIR TURNED INTO PROFESSIONAL HATERS 🤣🤣🤣) Learn from my mistakes

8.HOME 👉Your home is a sacred place, the only place you have peace, never allow any discomfort in your home." Akothee added