Filbert Mkiwche a 26 year old has been in the fashion design world for the last eight years but it took a lot to get here.

He was the Money Monday guest with Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss and one thing he taught us is that passion is key.

"My business started giving returns like two to three years ago. I had the passion in me and started just after high school. I started off by going to piloting school and so I added International Relations at Daystar. But at that time, I used to dress my parents and my mum told me to just do fashion because it is something I was good at. I started selling mtumba scarfs in school.

I used to measure my clients in the toilets at Daystar."

He started off from somewhere and it is all a process to being one of the most sought-after fashion designers in Kenya. Kamene asked Filbert about the one thing he did that made his business blow. 

"One thing I came to learn is that you need to understand was your niche market. People wake up with a dream but you have to identify your client."

Kamene then talked about her experience with Filbert saying,

"My personal experience with Filbert is that I have worn a couple of designs by him. I do not have to keep getting measured by him he knows what I want and how we can create a good outfit. He will come to my house at whatever time to make sure I get what I need."

Filbert may be young but he has done this for a while. The lesson he has for his fellow youth when it comes to business is,

"I was also in a space where I just started the business and thought I would get 100k in my bank account immediately. You have to treat it like a baby pole pole to nurture it and make it grow. It is a process.

We need to put in the effort to make sure that fashion in Kenya is amazing."

His marketing strategy is unique. Filbert would dress famous people and then throw a party for them. Where they turn up and take pictures.

"It is an experience that has helped me get a lot of clients including guys who want to sponsor his net event."

Filbert advised his fellow youth that there needs to be something you bring back home and understand that it is more of passion than going for the money.