If you're not aware of the recent amicable breakup, I really do not know who you're hanging around with or where you have been but worry not, I gat you.

So yesterday, Lillian Nganga officially announced she is no longer together with Dr. Alfred Mutua in a very cool, calm and collected post and I must say, there are a few tips we need to pick from that.

Below is her announcement:


"The only constant in life is change and we MUST be present and aware to appreciate and embrace it. Winds of change blew my way and two months ago, I decided to end my long-term relationship with Dr. Alfred Mutua. We had a good run and I am forever grateful to God he brought us together. We remain friends. With this, I put down the Machakos First Lady cap - and what an honor it has been to be of service! I will continue to do projects close to my heart, charity work, etc through the 'Lillian Nganga Foundation' as this has always formed who I am as a person. God's plans are always for our good. Never doubt or question.

Lillian Nganga."

Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss were fascinated by the way the breakup went. Very mature.


"First of all we date and for a long time and it was public and for some reason, it comes to an end. Can you thank God for your ex? What I know is the way people break up is through ghosting" Kamene asked

Jalas responded saying this is how a breakup should be because people are silently in relationships that ended a while back.

"What I like about this is there is a clear line that they are no longer together as a couple. There are others where uliachwa kitambo yo have been in a relationship alone in the midst of the silence, kumbe alienda.

The lesson is to be clear, if there is someone who has given you the silent treatment, ask them to Alfred Mutua you. Tell them to be clear.

Number two, Lillian had to go public because of the position she holds as the first lady of Machakos. She did not want to just ghost her people. It is very important. 

Number three, announce your stand. There are so many people waiting in queue for you so they want clarity. Did you see the comment section? People saying they are good cooks, talking about the weather. What are you bringing in? Imagine telling a governor you want to date him because Nairobi is cold."

Kamene was clear that this is the way breakups will be and those narratives of men are trash etc will not exist.

"This is the SI unit of an amicable and organized breakup. If you were breaking up like this, things like men are trash, women are savage or marriage is a scam would not exist. "