People really seem to have been affected by MCA Tricky's relationship because it has been weeks since we met her and there are still concerns.

First of all, I think we all need to clarify that anyone can be with anyone because like I always say, love wins and we can never understand what two people want from each other.

With that said, I will echo Jalas's words to Tricky, 

"To MCA Tricky, you deserve that woman. "

Taking to social media, the comedian did that thing many ladies seek from a man, coming to their defense. He posted sharing that he met his babe way before his fame and money and so people should stop associating her love for him with the money he has now.

"People forget very quickly. You know I don't post a lot. You know that I have been with that woman all that time. I am seeing people online saying that I am boasting with that lovely woman. They don't know that I have been with her for 5 years now. It's just that I keep her from the media spotlight. But I decided to shock Kenyans a little bit and that's why I posted her. I know that she looks prettier than before.


This is a woman who knew me before I could pay the rent. She got me before I was a celeb, just as I was starting to rise. I have not been MCA Tricky for a long time. I have been Tricky for 5 years. So when people say that she is with me because of the money, they don't know that I was with her before the money."

He also revealed that the lady was called Reena and that she was half-Kenyan and half-Ethiopian. And what did Tricky like most about her?

"That she doesn't disturb me. She gives me peace. You know that I am a celebrity, that comes with fans (women and men) but she gives me my space."