When Madame boss lady Akothee speaks, we listen. This is for the single-in-law giving their unsolicited advice and opinions to Alfred Mutua and Lillian Nganga.

Taking to social media, she addressed the issue saying those in the completely worse and opposite directions are the most talkative yet they are suffering more.

"IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED, DONT POINT FINGERS 💪Watching people in multi relationships, unsatisfying relationships, broken marriages but still leaving together for the society, condemn The break up of GOVERNOR & HIS WIFE .🤔


👉some have never even tried living with a cockroach , but are full of screenshots evidences 🤔 leave marriages alone .

👉Bundles are cheaper ,typing is cheaper ,celebrating ones challenges is cheaper and easier 🤔Now , how is your own relationship going or taking you Now ? .This world is rotten, they will even celebrate your downfall at the grave 🤔.The same people who never checked on you while alive will come take selfies with your coffin .That's this world. LIVE AND ENJOY ALONE WHILE IT LASTSPOLENI" Akothee shared

And like she would always say, stop taking panadol for someone else's headache.