No doubt about it that Njambi Koikai is the true definition of God's blessing and miracle performance after battling and conquering endometriosis.

Just when things kept getting worse for her, she remained hopeful and now she is happy to announce that she has adjusted to a lot in life and she is doing much much better.

"I've come such a long way. Every day for Njambi Koikai is a miraculous blessing. Some of the things that people think are natural are literally my miracles. To be here again and working is never something I take for granted.

I started working six months ago. My body has adjusted tremendously even though I am not at my optimum yet but I'm here. My voice and lungs have improved a great deal."

Adding that,

"I've been moving steadily in God's pace and space. A day at a time. To be here involved in so many projects is something I'm still reeling from. I'm reminded of the verse that says, 'I will restore to you all the years, that the locusts have eaten'.

I don't know about you, but great health is a miracle. A functioning diaphragm is the biggest blessing.

For all these things I say thank you Lord. What are you grateful for?" Njambi asked

Ms. Koikai has made sure to update us in every step from the days she even flew out to get further medical attention to now when she is home and healthy.