Ladies come here please. I am sure what you're about to read will make you grimace.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene explained a scenario she witnessed over the weekend.

"This happened over the weekend. So this chic is seeing this guy but he was dancing with another chic. Now the girlfriend wanted to beat up the other chic and I told her by all means. We do not fight over men but what are you doing with my personal person?" She narrated

Jalas who did not understand what this is all about said,

"Hypothetically me and you are dating you know these chics who just sit down even when the turn up is so lit. And then there is a girl who is shaking it when I am dancing, let me dance with her. Have you come to sit or dance? Please if you're a boring chic, your man will dance with other women.

We are in a club and drinking and dancing and having fun na wewe uko hapo na pinacolada with plants in your drink? We are not in an agriculture class. Please have fun and drink with me if not let me dance with other girls."

Kamene who was in shock and disgust made it clear that is not her portion.

"What do you mean? Mimi ntawavunja nyinyi wote. I am boring? Why are you with my person?"