TRHK actress, Njambi
TRHK actress, Njambi
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The dream of every girl is to get a good man and build a family with him. Real Househelps actress, Njambi had the same dream.

Speaking in an interview on The Spot, she opened up about how hard it was not having a happily ever after life with the father of her first child. 

"Part of the depression was that this was someone you loved with your whole life then things did not work out. You start raising your daughter on your own while you were used to doing things as a family. And it hits you hard." she said.

They may not be together but Njambi made it clear that they are in a good place at the moment and co-parenting their daughter who she says is intelligent beyond her years.

The actress is in a happy relationship with Nelson and we have seen them together but her fans wanted to put a face to her first love.

She recently shared two pictures that she claims are all she has. One taken  outdoors and they looked so happy with her baby daddy. The second photo was of him, Njambi and their daughter Tamara when she was really young.