The way things between Alfred Mutua and his ex Lillian Nganga's relationship is despite the fact that their marriage is over is something very interesting.

We all have an ex and I am sure many if not most have had that 'I do not want to hear nor see my ex' and then eventually things get better. But these guys broke up not so long ago and they are still besties.

The governor had said that in as much as they broke up, they will be in each other's lives and support each other.

Yesterday, manz turned 51 years old and threw a very serious party and Lillian was present. She even helped him cut the cake, you know relationship tendencies.

On The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas dissected being friends with your ex.

"Honestly, once you become an ex, we will not be friends. I mean we were not friends before so why now?" Kamene said

Jalas was shocked that Kamene does not have an amicable ex.

"So you have never had an amicable ex? I am the Lillian type . Wassup how are you doing? I do not mean that I will reach out but when we meet and we are in the same space, I will say hi."

She was very clear that her ex should not be in her business at all.

"No! How are you how you doing me? How I am doing is none of your business. I would tell you not to talk to me because you're disturbing my peace. It is not your business to check on me."

To make it more real, Jalas even talked about his ex.

"I am an amicable ex. Someone like my ex Boyo, she is my best friend."

Acknowledging that, Kamene said,

"And that is fine the way you have made the family life work well, that is great But imagine that ex who broke your heart when you were 22 like this?
 The problem is when you're not doing well in life, you will always be a bitter ex, but if your prospering why world you bother holding a grudge with your ex?"

Kamene was very firm with her words saying she can never go to her ex's birthday party but as for Jalas, anytime he will show up.