Oga Obinna and Sherlyne Onyango (the babe who became famous thanks to Xtian Dela) were actually really dating. It was not only for content creation purposes but there was love.

We have been seeing Sherlyne living her best life with a new manz, and of course, you know social media in-laws want to know what happened for her to move on from the comedian.

During a Q and A on Instagram, her fans asked what happened and she said,


"Tuliachana vizuri. Alinifanyia ile kitu madem hufanyiwa…

What you guys don’t know is that he behaved badly but I can’t talk about it. He was my ex and I respect him...

I had to move on and be with someone who treats me like the queen that I am"

Both of them have never spoken about it and now that we have Sherlyne's side, maybe Obinna will come out and present his case.