Makena Njeri opened a space for her fans to get to know her past and the many rumors surrounding her.

She decided to be bold and true to herself.

Taking to social media, she posted a picture of her late mother with a beautiful caption celebrating the life she lived.


"8 yrs on my Angel .What can I even say. I am grateful for the time I was given to be with you by God. Thank you for the unconditional love Mama , thank you for the life lessons, thank you for the courage, thank you for the sacrifices. You are my forever Queen and Angel 👼. You were a will forever be the best gift the universe ever gave me. I miss you deeply but I know we will still meet again my angel. Keep on watching over us ♥️. I love you Mama." Makena posted

From the picture, you could tell she was full of life and smiled a lot. Now we know where Makena gets her gorgeous smile.

She turned off the comment section because social media can be such a cruel space.

May she continue resting in peace. I am sure she would be proud of who her daughter Makena has become.