Muthoni Mukiri and Lillian Muli are both very popular in these social media streets and all their relationships have been very public.

From their words, it is not easy having such a relationship. Speaking on Muthoni's YouTube channel the besties had a lot to say.

"People see you on TV and they want that girl on TV. When someone sees you in the morning at your worst they are like 'This is not the woman I wanted'."

Lilian Muli shared that some people wanted to date her just to be seen with her and use her and her brand.

"It was more of a trophy sort of approach in relationships from people who approached me.

We never had closed-door moments, we always had to be out in the public. I am an introvert and I am not a crowd person. 


Sometimes people want to be in your life because of the tag. Not only men, even girlfriends to some extent."

Adding that,

"Most of the time my relationships were based on the good/fun times we would have.

I used to find myself having very lonely moments going through the stuff given most of my friendships were all about fun.

I learned to be wary about it and I now guard my space."

Lilian shared that she would like to be considered human, just like any other girl who is not a celebrity.

"The challenge of dating as a public figure is that people forget you are human and have feelings and insecurities.

You just want to be the girl next door. You just want to be in a dera and be without your makeup and hang out with your guy.

It's not always about the glam.

People don't understand that it's not as easy to mingle. Don't tell me to come to a random place with people I don't know and expect me to fit in. It's not the easiest life." she said.