Akothee has become that book you need to buy and hold on to when it comes to life lessons.

This time she took to social media a lesson to her fellow celebrities. Simply that not everyone who follows you is your fan. Kuna watu roho chafu.



This is the day I learnt that not everyone that follows you really loves you Nor everyone that eats with you in the table loves you 不不不.They thought I went mad on the streets of Mtwapa 不不不 I never knew I had such a big impact to the community. Those who love me for free , broke down , those who see me as a competition celebrated , the phone calls across the globe my God .

Akothee amechiziMara Nyoja ,mara madawa 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不.This was a video shoot. Some still pray it was true . Some are still mad that I am not mad 不不不不[email protected] @rue.baby @fancy_makadia never invite fans in your home , not everyone that follows you is a fan ,some are chasing you . Real fans won't even care to invite themselves to your cocoon 五 The sprit of association is what makes them want to be part of you ."

Adding a message to her children saying,


"杰ever mind them calling me Prostitute/ malaya and co . We were in the same business with their mothers ,it's only that ,their mothers were not clever enough ,they exchanged it for nyama choma.杰o one is talking about their families not because they are not sinning ,or doing malicious things ,we have daughters of witches ,and witch doctors , assassin's ,and some of them are from many broken families .The difference is ,they are infamous, unpopular,& no one knows them杰ever allow anyone disrespect you , stop it from the beginning, don't allow yourself be a doormat for frustrated pipo. If they were having a life ,they would live it 仄不不不I have given you authority to insult anyone who trust to insult you , if they insult your mother ,add their grandmother and all the mothers of their community ,including their chiefs mothers kwani iko nini "