Are you working hard towards becoming the person you are destined to be? Well Jalang'o listed down 5 uncomfortable signs that you are headed towards that direction.

They include;

1.You feel isolated from others - crowds don’t excite you anymore, you like doing things on your own, you like doing things on your own terms and you don’t share so much with so many people.



2.You realize you have some internal issues and you want to fix them – Kamene says she is working on patience.



3. You don’t find as much drama and turmoil in your life as you did years ago – You start finding peace in yourself and you always know how to run away from drama.


4. You don’t make excuses for people anymore – It is a case of ‘I can’t and I won’t.’


5. You give yourself a mental break by reminding yourself that it is not wrong to have emotions.


Jalas says if there is one crucial thing that we all need is mental stability and once you have sorted that a lot of things start falling in place.


“Each and every single day look for mental stability. It is simple and it all about you.” He added.