chito ndlovu
chito ndlovu

Our relationship expert, Chito Ndhlovu is calling upon couples to plan things together.

This can be matters investments, future plans and even personal plans and he says there is beauty in discussing such stuff as a unit and forging the way forward.

"Plan together in a relationship, set your goals and set your plans together.” Chito said.

Having a plan on one side and having another plan on the other side doesn’t work, remember you are a unit working towards something together.


Chito says these plans can be; Going back to school, starting a biashara and even a career change.

He says the beauty about it is that you two are putting a practice of doings things together as a unit that moves together.

The planning helps you realize whether you are on the same page or not. Go on dates to plan together and you will see it will make a huge difference.He added.

Check out the video below;