We all know Risper Faith and Brian Njuge met on the DM but what we did not know is it went down on first sight.

The couple have been married since 2018 after a "hey, I am coming to Kenya and we should meet for coffee".

In an interview with Bonga na Jalas, the mother of one shared,


"He came to my house straight from the airport. I had cooked ugali with chicken but it was so soupy so he refused to eat and asked us to order takeout. Cockroaches were just roaming in my house as I had no fridge.

He asked that we fumigate but at the time I couldn't imagine chucking out 5K for fumigation."

And then Risper said the one thing women fear to say or do.

"On that day I gave it to him in all styles, I did not want to deny it to him and end up losing him. We did not sleep that night."

He then went on a trip to Mombasa with his mum and sister. After that, Brian went back to the US but they kept in touch.

Brian lived in the US for 10 years where he managed his own businesses before decided to come back and settle with Risper.