If you ever needed a secret to a happy life, then Jalas just served it to you this morning on a silver platter.

He says the only way to be happy in this happy is expecting little from others and more from yourself.

"Expect little from people, expect a lot from yourself and that is the secret of a happy life.

Can you imagine a life where you don’t expect people to do anything from you, and you expect everything from yourself." Said Jalas.


Everything you do would just be about you, everything you expect and every single change you want, nobody will bring it but you and yourself.

Jalas says that when you expect more from yourself, you give yourself drive to focus and the attitude to work for it. This is unlike when you expect something from other people where you treat them as a plan B.

“Who are you without your father’s name, who are you without your family’s name? Build yourself, go out there and expect more from yourself and little from others.” He added. 

Enjoy your weekend!