Being a first time mother, Vera Sidika has said she is going big because home is not an option.

Taking to social media she answered a few questions her fans had asked her, also clarifying that she has not yet given birth so this rumors should stop.

"They say CS is expensive but if you really want it. You’d prepare better even if you don’t have money. That’s nine months of saving. For private hospitals, the case is super different."

Once her baby is here, she has said that she will import all her child's clothes. Baby is about to live the softest life ever.

''What a lucky baby. I didn't grow up lucky and in such luxury but the amount of glam and luxe this baby is about to experience... I wish I was this baby. Her baby crib, clothing, and everything is getting shipped from UK and USA. Kweli we work hard in life so we can give our kids the best life we did not have while growing up. God bless all mothers out there doing all it takes to provide and give the best to their children.''

Now don't get it twisted, a good life for her child doesn't necessarily mean money and expenses.

"My parents weren't rich. I didn't grow in luxury but they gave me the best they could ever give.''