Bien Aime Baraza is a married man to one wife, Chiki Kuruka but according to the singer, monogamy is a foreign concept to him.

Speaking on the special edition of The Singleton Stories with Biko Zulu he said,

“I'm still trying to understand the concept of monogamy, it is such a foreign concept to me. How you would expect somebody to give their lives to you for the rest of your life together. Now don't get me wrong, for some people it works for some people it doesn't."

Bien went ahead to explain that Chiki is different from anybody else he has ever dated in the sense that she is woke, driven, thoughtful, beautiful and an amazing woman.

He then talked about the impact his father had on his decision to marry and the fact that he is still figuring out this marriage manual.

“But nothing prepared me to be with my wife, nothing could prepare me for her, I’m still trying to figure out the manual. He was one of the guys who was really pressuring me to get married because he just felt like of all his kids I was the last and it wasn't in my plans.


When my father wanted to get married, he spoke to my grandpa and asked him how do you know you're ready to get married and my grandfather was like you take a huge karai or bucket and you fill it with money and when the bucket is full of money get married. That bucket is never gonna fill up with money, you're always gonna stuff it with money and you're never gonna be ready so just do it.” Bien said