We all have different coping mechanisms when it comes to breakups.

Some choose to shut down for a while some dust themselves off and jump on to another moving train and forget the past.

While discussing the best way to deal with a breakup, Kamene and Jalas had diverse but interesting takes.

Jalas thinks it is wise to sit back, let each tear and heartbreak be a lesson to you. Internalize and heal before moving on starting a new journey.

"Take your time before jumping into a new relationship, let each tear and heartbreak be a lesson." He said.

Kamene on the other side said you need to 'heal quick and move on, trial and error kinda thing.'

This conversation triggered a whole different topic where Jalas called upon ladies to always shoot their shots without any fear.

"Do not see your boyfriend walk away before shooting your shot. Let me tell you something without fear of contradiction, babe if you are there and see your type or your potential that is your chance.

The worst you can get is he's married or someone else's boyfriend." He said.

Once again, Kamene says it is the mandem's duty to shoot their shot arguing that never will you ever see a gazelle hunt a lion.