No lie that when alcohol kicks in a good one, we all have an alter ego. Today on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas revealed theirs.

"Rieng ikishika, I usually feel like I am so funny ooh my God. I do not know where this other babe comes from even Charity looks at me wondering, who is this girl? What is yours?" Kamene shared

Laughing at what he is about to say, Jalas went ahead and revealed he usually just drops lies.

"Yangu ni uwongo. I just become a pathological liar. I start giving out work and tenders. 'Let me tell you, it is not what you think, tomorrow very early, come to my office...'. There are people who become singers and there are those who become emotional they start crying. Others become strippers."

"And those who become dancers and there is nothing shaking. You get to the club thinking hakuna madame kumbe wote wamebend over." Kamene added

Then they mentioned the generous ones and Kamene remembered the day she woke up to so many alerts from her bank. She had spent so much money she even referred to the amount as rent money.

" There are days you wake up you want to call the club and ask if they were selling shares because the transaction my friend, serious." Jalas added from experience