Akothee is always all about reality and she is never apologetic about it at all.

She has been spending time with her boo thing Nelly Oaks. For them, it is not only about pleasure but business too. The pictures they have been sharing involve a lot of signing. 

Such a good relationship yeah? We love each other and make money together. God when?

Anyway, Akothee took to social media with a very wise lesson based on her experience.

"Might sound rude but it's a fact. A failure can never give me an advice that never even worked for Them 💪Most people are very good at talking ,but given the grounds to exercise their talks ,they become frustrated and give too many excuses 🔐. You end up the bad person ,. Facts only. Results over excuses 💪Good morning." She shared

In support of her statement was her daughter Rue Baby who I am sure has been a victim of the same.

That aside, the smile on Akothee's face especially after shaving that hair is beautiful, keep it that way.