Size 8 is counting blessings on blessing on blessings. She will soon be a mother of three after announcing her pregnancy alongside her man, DJ Mo.

They had kept it away from the public for reasons best known to them but from what we know she has been through a lot when it comes to conceiving.

Size 8 who is in her second trimester told Word Is,


"One of my sisters is very prayerful. One day she had visited me then she heard the voice of God telling her to tell me to prepare for another baby. I knew I was not ready to give birth again after the struggles I went through with my first two children."  She said

Taking to social media, she posted a picture of her, her baby bump and her man DJ Mo and you can tell from their smiles they are feeling blessed.

"God, you are full of surprises πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’– who can question your wisdom??? Thank you for this gift!! @djmokenya and I, we are grateful..." Size 8 posted

Here at kiss100, we would like to congratulate the Muraya's and we wish them a smooth journey.