Indie Soul Singer and writer Muthaka is back with her second Single, Sorry, after dropping her first single early this year,  'Why Don’t You Love Me'.

Speaking on the song, Muthaka shared that this song was inspired by events that transpired in 2018.

“I wrote the song in 2018. I was in a phase in my life that I was remorseful because of some events and felt the necessity to apologize, but after allowing myself to see both sides I was able to conclude that it happened as a result of an action done previously by the other person. Acts such as dishonesty, missed dates and signs are addressed in the beginning of the song before diving into the story.


It starts off acknowledging the wrong that was done but is later more of an ironic apology where it showcases that it was not my fault to begin with and so - 'Sorry that you think I'm going to apologize when you brought all this on yourself ' - kind of thing. It is a backhanded apology." Muthaka said

Adding that,

“Working with MG on the audio end of the song was something magical. His patience, keen ear, and attention to details, arranging and mastering of the audio was and is something that I'm extremely grateful for. The ability to marry my vocals and the composition with the talented Tevin Fuhd on the visuals was also something blissful. I also want to appreciate all the exceptional talents behind the whole production process, the studio sessionists, the visual choreographers and Universal Music Group as a whole.”


Muthaka, second single Sorry, is simply part of a story that leads up to her upcoming Visual Project, which should be available early next month.