Lilian Muli uses her influence to help a sister or brother out when it comes to life lessons. We all need some.

This time she opened up on Muthoni Mukiri's YouTube channel where she shared the mistakes she has made in her dating life.

The mother of two was married to Moses Njuguna Kanene before they got divorced then dated Shabana FC boss Jared Ombongi Nevaton.

Sit down and take out a pen and paper. Listen and learn because this relationship life had become tough to understand in this millennial age.

"1. Talking too much about my previous experiences

I am on TV so I am not just anybody else. It has been used against me a lot. There are little bits of yourself that you should.


2. Trusting too much

I trust too soon and it has left me in a lot of trouble. 

When your instinct tells you something is not right it is not.

3. Being overly available

You need to learn to spend time alone. 

I was a bit clingy and I had a habit of forgetting myself and other people and it does not end up well for me." Lillian Muli listed