Boniface Mwangi has become Kenyans favorite vlogger after he decided to be filming his daily life for the next 30 days. He is already about 10 days in.

His family love is one thing that has stood out for us. The bond he has with his three children is something we all crave and wish for. And the secret to all this he says is simple, love.

Taking to social media, Boniface pointed out that in his household, there is a lot of kissing and 'I love you.'. Even in the midst of a conflict, he will still cuddle with his wife.

"I KISS MY WIFE, CHILDREN EVERY MORNING AND EVENING SINCE IT COULD BE THE LAST TIME Iā€™M SEEING THEM. My wife @njerikan and I agreed no matter how bad our conflicts and issues are, we cuddle every night (no sex if we have unresolved issues). We kiss goodbye every morning and WELCOME HOME when someone walks through the door. We kiss our children at least twice a day, morning and evening. I love you is an everyday language in our family. SHARE YOUR POSITIVE FAMILY STORIES USING #PENDAFAMILIA HASHTAG. THAT WILL BE OUR HASHTAG MOVING FORWARD. šŸ™šŸ¾ā¤ļø" Boni shared

This is something our generation needs to learn when it comes to love and family. Our stories are a bit different because we have seen on social media people saying they always chose to up and leave.

Through Boniface, his wife Njeri and their children sharing their day, we can pick a few lessons here and there so stay tuned to his Instagram stories. There is also just good vibes there.