Are you that friend that is always recording or taking photos of your drunk friends? Kamene and Jalas thinks it is time you stop with that behavior.

Kamene says she can’t fathom the fixation with the need to chase clout at the expense of your friend’s mental stability.

“Stop filming your drunk friends, their reputation, mental stability and happiness are way more important than the social media clout you are chasing. We have all been in embarrassing situations which we will not want to be filmed. “ Kamene said.

She says if he or she records your embarrassing moments, then they are not your friends. She says those people who make sure you are drunk and get messed up then they are not your friend.

“Can we find better things to do with our time? We are in an economic slump nobody has money. You have time to pop up your camera enda utafute dooh.” Added Kamene.

I hope the conversation helps us become better people and friend to the people around us.