Jalang'o was not happy man this morning.

This is after he was forced to defend his integrity following allegations over the weekend that he is involved in the shady 'wash wash' business.

Jalang'o says for the first time in his life he has had people question the source of his wealth and even to a point where he was forced to defend his hard work.

He is a brand ambassador to a number of top brands in Kenya including; Oppo Kenya, Velvex and even Mwananchi credit. He is also an influencer to many other top brands which he says they pay really well.


Jalas said apart from his arena media business and Jalang'o TV hustle, Kiss FM pays him really well and if he was involved in dubious deals he wouldn't be waking up early in the morning every day to go and hustle.

He says if wash wash deals were that easy and lucrative then everyone would be involved.

Watch the video below;