Rotimi has been of the streets and he loved it before he met Vanessa Mdee and settled down and fell in love.

Speaking on Breakfast Club, Rotimi said that he told Charlamagne The God that he doesn't know when the wedding will be.

"We don't know but we are planning cause her family is from Tanzania and there are covid restrictions so we are planning to know the best place for everybody," Rotimi said

Rotimi also called out Tanzanian fans that didn't believe Vee Money when she said that he was going to be her hubby.

"She did an interview two weeks after we met and she was like 'I found my husband' and everybody in Tanzania was like 'girl he's gonna leave you' and two years later, she posted the video with an engagement ring."

He said they met at an event and spoke for 15 minutes. At the time, Rotimi was seeing someone else. When they moved in, they decided to delete contacts from their phones that were not important adding that it was at the time he broke the news to the other girl.

"I told her I met somebody that is really dope."

Rotimi added that the quarantine helped their relationship as opposed to other relationships that ended in that period.

"We didn't leave the house for eight months, every single day, our relationship feels like we've been together for five years."