Marya Prude has been receiving a lot of hits from people who think she has backslid since she is seen more at enjoyments and less and in church.

Speaking to WordIs,  she shared how much she loves the Amapiano genre and that is why you would see her in those events often.

"I started going out in December, trying out new joints, then listening to music and I came about this genre of music. I want to just go and dance and enjoy myself.

I really don't care what people say since I think nobody has been through what I have gone through for the past few years. Being at this stage of my life it's just me doing what makes me happy and that's all that matters." Marya shared

She explained that there was a phase in her life she spent in church.

"Marya wa Church was a phase in my life. I used to go to church every day and it was not that I was being forced. There were times I would be alone praying but I got to a place where after losing my kids my whole relationship with God changed."

For her, it is more of a relationship than a practice.

"I think where I am right now we are trying to redefine it. God and I. Nobody is involved at all. I believe it's more of a relationship than religious practices and going to church every Sunday."