The Kenyan dating scene is defined by many factors and the country's social economic structure is one of them.

Kamene and Jalas decided to dive into that discussion where they dissected the Kenyan dating scene in the current economy.

The two agreed that without money, a young man would easily struggle to attract the woman of his dreams and hence why most women go for the wealthy but married men.

Jalas says for most young men with entry level jobs, they struggle to have enough money for their needs and have a few notes left to impress their lovers.

"Kama umebaki na 20k ni ngumu tu.. Hiyo 20k yako umebaki nayo Kuna mtu ameiona ikitumika kubuy mzinga moja." Jalas said.

His advice to women is they should stand with their men and build together because the only man that will give them what they need is an older man who is off the market.

"She will go for a 35-year-old guy who is either married ama kama ako single asha decide anapenda wanaume wenzake na yeye ni kupiga sherehe.

All that you have seen other men do at 35, this guy will get there one day so pick him up now because he'll find someone who says babe let us build." Added Jalas.

Watch the video below and let us know whether you agree with Kamene and Jalas.