Kamene wants to know why it is so easy for women to hate and fight each other.

Speaking to her fellow babes, Kamene wonders where the world would be if women joined hands and uplifted each other instead of working against each other.

"Baby girl I want us to start being better to ourselves but most importantly to each other. I am always dumbfounded by the fact that we are our biggest enemies."

The person who betray you the most will be a fellow woman, the first person to drag your name in the dirt will be another woman, I don’t understand why." Kamene said.

Kamene says she is trying why someone will be an enemy of progress to their own kind while they are all working towards being better and prosperous.

She went ahead and acknowledged the loyalty men have towards each other, the dedication and how boys hold each other down and wonders why it is hard for women to do the same.

This trickles down to women stealing each other’s men, talk trash about each other and try and bring down someone’s business.

“I am dedicating myself to women which is why I have this conversation with you every single day which is why I invest in my friendships more than my relationships.


I don’t understand why it is so easy for a woman to be an enemy of a woman.“ Kamene added.