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It is the year 2021 and the dating scene in Nairobi, Kenya, is far from what it used to be a decade ago.

Dating apps and social media has completely changed the game and no wonder our parents don't tend to understand why the younger generation can't find real love and connection.

In Nairobi connection is no longer something to go for as long as your wallet can tetemesa her heart.

We are all about hooking up on the first date and try see whether we have a reason to keep us glued to each other and not the other way round.

With that said, many people are no longer patient when it comes to pursuing the person you love and would jump ship the moment someone else shows interest. Call it a multi bet, yenye itaingiana ndio tuna focus nayo.

So with that said, we decided to ask Kenyans on how long a man should pursue a woman in this time and age, and bro the answers were shocking to say the least. Patience is no longer a virtue on these streets.


Below are some of the best responses we got.

Kapala alias: If the advances are not met with affection leave immediately

Luckiebestie: 😂😂😂a second

Kericho finest: 😂😂😂😂A real man should never give up

Lady pretty: 1hour

Betty: 365 and a quarter days😂

Mutai Felix: Bill gates alifkuza wake twendi sepen iyas, results zilikuwa?,

Rotich: Well at the moment , its just one day 

Viqta: As long as your pockets run dry

Warnet: A chase beyond 5 minutes that's simping