Controversial blogger, Edgar Obare has been the hottest topic for the past few days after his expose on money laundering in the country.

The expose saw many prominent businessmen linked to the illegal business.

The expose saw Jalang'o who was also linked to money laundering, rubbish the claims and call out those who are tainting and questioning his integrity.

Activist Boniface Mwangi is the latest celebrity to speak on the money laundering saga.

He came out to strongly defend Edgar Obare and laud his efforts in using his platform to speak against the wrong doings in the society.

Mwangi says the society punished those who speak the truth but says we need more Edgar Obares.

"We live in a country that punishes those who speak the truth.

We live in a country that punish those who seek justice and where we call activists names, journalists and people who write the truth names. They get punished but we don’t punish the criminals." Mwangi said.


He likened Kenyans to the crowd that wanted Jesus to be crucified and Barabbas who was a murderer to be released.


Mwangi says Kenyans love defending the ‘bad guys’ and that is why they always thrive in Kenya. Instead, he is calling upon us all to always defend those who speak the truth instead.


“If Edgar Obare committed any crime he would have been arrested but he hasn’t. He shared stories that he was sent by people who know what was going on in this country.

In this country we need more Edgar Obare’s and less of those criminals and guys giving Kenya a bad reputation.” He added.

He called upon us all to give our kids better examples saying the alleged ‘wash wash’ guys aren’t better examples saying we must be a country that appreciates hard work.