Boniface Mwangi and his wife Njeri
Photo credit: Instagram/bonifacemwangi Boniface Mwangi and his wife Njeri

For the last few days, activist, Boniface Mwangi has been keeping Kenyans glued to his insta stories.


He started a 30-day challenge which involves recording his and his family’s day to day life activities giving us a VIP pass into his home where we also get to see and learn how he and his wife Njeri handle parenting.


On Tuesday Mwangi came back home a bit late and he revealed that whenever he does that, he doesn’t wait for his wife, Njeri to wake up and warm food for him.


He said that men who do so have a very low self esteem and they should never treat their women as servants.


You know there are men who make their wives wake up to go and warm their food or cook their food, those are weak a** men, with very low self esteem.” Mwangi said.


He added,


If you wanna get your wife to wake up and warm your food then you must go and hunt your own food, kill your own food then slaughter it and bring it on the table.


But if you don’t hunt your own food and you buy it from the supermarket, then take your a** to the kitchen and warm your own food.


This morning, he said many women on his Instagram feed requested him to share the video so that men could learn from it.


Check out the video below;