Jalas is riding solo on The Morning Kiss today and the one thing he urging his listeners is to go get vaccinated.

Now I am sure all of us are well aware that his massive event, Luo Festival was canceled and many other events and the only solution is the vaccine. That is how many other countries are surviving and almost back to normal with the attendance when it comes to events and concerts.

There are even countries that are not so strict with wearing a mask like we are here in Kenya and it is all because the rate at which they have been vaccinated is high.

"Vaccinate people and roll out massive vaccination. But as MOH is doing this there are people who do not want the needle. I do not know if you want oral or application vaccine? They are trying to achieve the 50% but people do not want to go and get vaccinated. The level 4 hospitals have vaccines but no one to vaccinate.

How do you want us to go back to normal of you do not go and get vaccinated? For how long will we be waiting for things to open up without the vaccine?" Jalas urged his listeners