Nothing feels great like achieving what you have been toiling for in your life. 

It maybe a house, a car, a job or even that business venture and once you achieve the goal, the blessing surely hits different.

Speaking on the wake up call, Jalas said;

“Have you ever achieved something then you remembered then you immediately remembered what you went through to get them and smile?.”


Let’s talk about maybe a job. You have been sending CVs everywhere, attended interviews and waiting for that one call then one day you receive the letter of appointment. It will definitely hit different.“

Jalas also gave an example of someone living with their friends or relatives and have been praying that they get a place of their own. Once the miracle happens, it will surely hit different.

He narrated the emotions he experienced after getting his own place in Mwiki. He had to lock it, go for a stroll come back again open it just to confirm it really was his house.

“So each and every single day when you go out there, push the hustle make sure there is no resting and you are genuine in your hustle and every single blessing that you are praying for will come through.” He added.