eric omondi endorses jimi wanjigi
eric omondi endorses jimi wanjigi

On Wednesday, celebrated comedian, Eric Omondi shocked the entire nation to the core after endorsing businessman, Jimi Wanjigi's presidential bid.

This came after a whole week of building up the hype of how we the youth are going to change this country's political sphere.

Erico urged the youth to get rid of seasoned politicians and elect one of their own, only for him to sell JImi Wanjigi as the one to save the youth.

This confused many including his celebrity friends who were left confused by his endorsement, some even openly dismissing his endorsement. 

Genge rapper, Frasha put up a long post calling out the president of comedy, saying he thought Erico 'was serious with the youth agenda.'

He reminded Kenyans that Wanjigi has nothing new to offer the youth and nothing differentiates him from other presidential hopefuls.

He wrote;

For once I thought @ericomondi was serious with the youth agenda only to find out that he's the president of comedy for real. The youth should stop being used and fight for there own space .We need to stand with those who have serious youth interests at heart . @jimi.wanjigi as nothing new to offer the youth he's in the same category with the rest of the presidential aspirants so kama yeye ndio solution ya #fagiawote2022 Sisi tutaanza na yeye .This is a new youth revolution. Will only support the youth agenda.

Below are some reactions from celebrities who were not so amused by Eric Omondi's Jimi Wanjigi's endorsement.

Bien: Tukule pesa alafu tupige kura kwingine

Dj Joe Mfalme: Eh hapa bro kidogo tricky 😂

Holy Dave: Hapa hata sita comment.

Dng Kenya: LOL! Sare Bhangi Erico!!! 

Deejay Exclusive: So vijana we should rely on a 60 year old billionaire to help us ??  vijana kweli tunapangwa tu kama kawa

DJ Lyta: Umesahau kuweka Paid Partnership 😂