TBT: Chito and his late mother
TBT: Chito and his late mother
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It has been years 21 years since Kiss Fm's drive show host, Chito Ndhlovu lost his mother. 

It may seem like so many years ago, but the memories still live with him. From her love for boiled ground nuts to her love for hymns and her kind heart. Chito lives to tell it all about her.

Taking to social media, he posted a long post in memory of his mother saying he embarked on a journey to finding his identity in her and so far, he is doing well.

Chito loves his runs every early morning and they always have a purpose. Not only to build and work in fitness, but it is his way of meditating and engaging with himself deeper especially through music.

"Wooow, 21 years to this exact day just like that. Today, I embarked on a half marathon in honor of my late mother Petronella Penninah Simango Ndhlovu (The Original Queen of my heart)The 21.9KM’s were very emotional.

21KMs was for my mother and 900meters was for my little brother Tapiwa Ndhlovu who passed on a few days later. I imagined what life would be if she and Tapiwa were still here. During the run, I laughed at some of the things I remembered of her. It wasn’t remembrance from pain but, from joy and gladness because, I could feel her love all around me. My mother passed when I was about 9years old and this year I embarked on a journey of finding my identity in her. While I look a lot like my father I am my mother's son.

Though my father plays the guitar, I purposed to play the drums as a way of connecting with my mother. I have memories of her singing and there are moments I can literally hear her voice with joy and gladness in my heart. We have some old tape recordings of her singing in church. I haven’t heard them in years because, they are far from me but, I have memories of them. I can hear her sing the hymn 'When the roll is called up yonder' once again my love for hymns stems from her."

Chito added that,

"She was an amazing woman, full of kindness in her heart, spoke with such grace, wisdom and love. Even in death, I feel her love all around me. It’s interesting how someone can pass years on but, the memories hold so much love you just feel it everywhere. A day before she passed we were seated under a tree chatting and eating boiled ground nuts ( This is the real reason I love them till this day, they bring me closer to her) I remember my aunt coming to pick me to head for my cousins birthday party. As we left my mother hugged me and little did I know that hug was the last one, the I love you was the last one I would hear and hold on to for a lifetime. I love you and miss you mama even in death.MHSRIP"

From the Kiss 100 family, we send our message of condolences and may she continue resting in peace.