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Jalang'o found himself in an awkward situation as he listened to a number of Nairobi men claiming that Nairobi women aren't wife material.

Tje breakfast presenter who was lucky to meet his beautiful wife in Nairobi begged to differ but he could not stop the tides.

"Mimi nilipata bibi yangu hapa Nairobi and tunaendelea vizuri and I know there are good women in Nairobi ready to hold their households down." He said.

One caller shocked many when he revealed that after unsuccessfully trying hard to find a suitable partner in Nairobi, he was forced to go back home and look for a 'well mannered wife.'

A few more more callers supported him and confessed to going back to 'ushago' to look for a life partner.

"Bibi ni ushago hawa wa Nairobi ni wazuri lakini wanasumbua. Wacha nirudi kisii wa Nairobi wasumbuane na wana Nairobi." Raphael said.

Another caller was breathing fire;

"Nairobi hakuna wasichana wa kuoa hawa ni others. Hapa huwezi hata trust dame na key za nyumba."

Philip from oyigi put the nail in the coffin leaving Jalas in stitches.

Nairobi hakuna wasichana wanaweza kaa kwa nyumba. Nairobi Nikama tuko Las Vegas na kama Africa wasichana lazima wawe na morals kidogo. Yes Kuna ku slay lakini lazima wawe na morals.