Yesterday Eric Omondi posted a video with a lot of hope when it comes to his fellow youth until he mentioned at the end who he is supporting.

He had really pre-announced that he has something in store for the youth and when the day came to announce he did and people were not happy at all.

If you think manz being nude in the river had him receive hate, then you're not ready for this one. 


According to the video he posted, he was urging the youth to vote wisely and elect people who are youths to fill in the seats in parliament and the senate and for the next president, he endorsed Jimmy Wanjigi.

According to Google, the youth are between the age of  15 to 35. Jimmy Wanjigis was born in 1962, so he should be 59 years old. Not in the bracket of the youth.

This has not only the youth who follow Eric Omondi mad but celebrities too.


Here are a few comments against Eric's endorsement:

Joe Mfalme: Eh hapa bro kidogo tricky 😂

Xclusive: So vijana we should rely on a 60 year old billionaire to help us ?? 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ vijana kweli tunapangwa tu kama kawa

Sir Alexas: Wewe tu endorse Jimmy an uachane na vijana, tuna endorse, wewe na nani? Tembe

Holy Dave: Hapa hata sita comment

DNG: LOL! Sare Bhangi Erico!!! Rangi Ni Yellow!!! Team Ni UDA!!!

Dj Lyta: Umesahau kuweka Paid Partnership 😂

Shiv Just GymIt: Jimi Wanjigi ni kijana??????

Frasha: For once I thought @ericomondi was serious with the youth agenda only to find out that he's the president of comedy for real. The youth should stop being used and fight for there own space. We need to stand with those who have serious youth interests at heart. @jimi.wanjigi as nothing new to offer the youth he's in the same category with the rest of the presidential aspirants so kama yeye ndio solution ya #fagiawote2022 Sisi tutaanza na yeye .This is a new youth revolution. Will only support the youth agenda