Today is a perfect day to learn that you cannot be great by hating greatness, neither can you become successful by hating success.


Jalas was throwing shots this morning as he stated that he is yet to meet a hater doing better than him.


Sometimes instead of hating could you just ask someone; What are you doing right? What can I learn from you? This that I am hating, what am I doing wrong? Don’t hate, learn.Jalas said.


Jalas says that people should know that the moment you stop hating and accept that somebody is way above you, then the person will realize you are below them and will start pulling you up.


He says hate drives you away from successful people and they don’t get to notice you and see what you want.


Chiming in, Kamene added that hate clouds and blinds a person and once you are consumed by hate you won’t be able to look at someone objectively.


“If you are so consumed by the hate of Jalas, you are never going to be able to learn the steps that he took to become successful.” Said Kamene.