On Thursday, Juliani was forced to file a report at Kileleshwa police station after he allegedly received threats from unknown people, over his new found for Lilian.

Dissecting their relationship, Kamene and Jalas called out the people who are sticking their noses into their relationship.

"The first thing that I can really tell you is that we don’t know how long the governor and lilian have been apart." Said Jalas.

He added,

Before she came out and said we are disengaging and we don’t know the period they have been disengaging but there are rumors that for months and months they had been disengaging.

Jalas says when people saw them together at the birthday party then immediately rumors that Lilian was seeing Juliani started circulating and with all that, Juliani decided to tell people that they were an item.

They also went ahead to discuss whether there should be a consideration period after a breakup, where you just chill without seeing someone else.

“Maybe they were not planning to tell anybody but since it became everyone’s business here they are and if you’ve moved on you’ve moved on. Let Juliani, the babe and the Governor move on.” Added Jalas.

Kamene argues whether in the process of her moving on she should think about her ex and how he would feel or whether she should prosper in his face.

She asked; “Should I give him a consideration period or should I just prosper and move on in his face.”

This triggered a very heated debate between the two presenters with everyone standing their ground.

Check out the video below;