Kush Tracey
courtesy Kush Tracey

Celebrated rapper, Kush Tracey is proud of herself and the steps she has made after she quit secular for gospel music

Speaking in a recent video she shared on her YouTube channel, the 'God is in control' singer, opened up on her past stunts saying they were extreme due to the pressure to entertain.

"Sometimes I'd push so hard to fit in yet I was having anxiety attacks. The flesh fails me, but God's grace saves me. I thank God for saving me from me," she said.

"I wish I was wiser when I was growing in the industry."

In a past interview, Kush said being a secular artiste came with a lot of pressure that mounted on her to keep that image of what people expect of her."

I would drink too much to show that I could go hard and that I had it going on. However, my inner self was in a constant fight with what people saw on the service."

Kush is currently involved in charity drives under her Kush Tracy Initiative where she visits homes making donations and motivating young girls.