lil nas photo shoot
courtesy lil nas photo shoot

On Thursday, American rapper, Lil Nas X made the headlines (AGAIN) after posting photos from his 'pregnancy' photo shoot.

The photos were meant to promote his upcoming album 'Montero' since he referred to his next project as ''his baby.''

In the photos, Lil Nas X who has a baby bump is dressed in a white robe and a flower crown.

Check out the photos below;

While some found his stunts hilarious, one Marya Prude was not impressed by him.

Having lost two kids before in her past marriage, Marya found the pics distasteful and wished the rapper knew how difficult it is for some women to conceive.

Reacting to the post, Marya wrote; 

"I wish he knew how difficult it is for some people to get pregnant, even impossible for some. But you know..let me shut my pretty mouth up."