courtesy kajairo

Legendary comedian, Kajairo is mourning the death of his darling mother.

Mrs. Susan Rugaru Mbajo breathed her last at 1:39am Sunday.

Mourning his momma's sudden loss, Kajairo eulogised her as a woman who had a relentless passion for God and her work.

He thanked his fans for praying for her and glorified God for her life which she lived well.

"We loved you but God loved you more! R.I.P Mummy I will surely and deeply miss you, your humour, wit, words of encouragement, passion for God and work was relentless! Everyone knew you we're a star whenever they met you.Thank you all who prayed for her, she's in a better place now, watching over us with the Angels!!Bye Mummy, our rock!!", wrote Kajairo.

He added,

God we thank you for her life well lived! And as we lay her to rest please spare her soul and give us the comfort and strength to push on!! Mrs Susan Rugaru Mbajo, we shall soon meet again.

His friends rallied behind the comedian as they offered him words of comfort.

Mike Wachira: Pole sana for your loss and may God give you strength and Grace to get through this difficult period

Captain Otoyo: My sincere Condolences Jairos. It is well.πŸ™

Massawe Japanni: So sorry Kajairo😒😒

Daddy Owen: So sorry.. so sorry 😒😒😒 May her soul Rest in peace

Terence Creative: Pole saana bro πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™